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why is he so interested or so willing to take on all fights and all comers? >> maybe he likes chuck hagel and thinks he will do the job well. >> it's a plausible explanation. few seconds left, political journalists lost a titan last night, richard kramer, wrote "what it takes" passed away, also wrote a number of other great books and "rolling stone" magazine. he loved political politics and journalism and there's no one like him. >> we appreciate you guys joining thus morning. >> hau fthank you for having us. >> i was on vacation this last weekend. i know you love having me and glad you got to see me this morning. i was in colorado this past weekend and i decided i needed to have a backflip competition on a trampoline, this was going to be great and somebody from the crowd as i'm strapping into this bungy cord says "we're sending this video to soledad." >> please do, if it's terrible we're going to run it. >> i got the backflip.
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>> tomorrow on "starting point," get your angel wings ready, victoria's secret cameron russell will be here. john berman, ooh! for the first time, "i'm interested." >> we had ben cardin today. >> c cnn newsroom" with carol costello is here right now. gabrielle giffords, the nation marvelled from a gunman's killing spree. today she launches a new fight for stricter gun laws million-dollar mystery an illinois man suddenly dies after winning the lottery but after toxicology tests show he was poisoned there are new questions this morning, who killed farush kan? alabama rolls to its third bcs tight until four years but it was announcing brent mu
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mussberger's comments making news this morning. ♪ let's dance, put on your red shirt and dance the blue ♪ >> bowie's back and it's his birthday, ziggy stardust celebrated giving his fans a new song from his new album. ♪ let's dance, while color lights up your face ♪ >> good morning to you. thank you so much for joining me, i'm carol costello. we begin with a debate over gun control and new efforts to force stricter laws. former congresswoman gabrielle giffords launching an online campaign to raise funds and public support. she's unveiling the effort two years to the day since a gunman shot her, along with 18 other people, also marking the anniversary, a second initiative founded by new york mayor michael bloomberg, it targets illegal guns and features the mother of the youngest victim in
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that tucson killing spree. >> my 9-year-old daughter was murdered in the tucson shooting. i have one question for our political leaders, when will you find the courage to stand up to the gun lobby? whose child has to die next? >> in the days after that bloodshed, gun control advocates said a reawakened public would demand change. the sobering reality, there have been 11 mass shootings since then that includes the summer shooting spree inside a colorado movie theater, 12 people died that day and today the suspect is in court where witnesses have described a horrifying scene. and of course last month's killing spree in newtown, connecticut, 27 people died, most of them little kids. give fords and her husband mark kelly say that tragedy prompted them to leave the private life they envisioned and launch an aggressive new fight for gun control. they had this to say in "usa today" "we saw from the nra leadership's defiant and unsympathetic response to the
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newtown, connecticut, massacre that winning even the most common sense reform also require a fight." david mattingly is here with a closer look. one of the most striking things is gabrielle giffords has some clout. >> that's right. >> the question is how much clout, right? >> she is taking this fight directly to her former colleagues and she's not softening the language at all, making it clear what her intent is here, she launched a website this morning called americansforresponsiblesolutions , the intent will encourage elected officials to prevent gun violence and communicate directly with the constituents. very strong language and an op-ed in the u"usa today" she goes after the gun lobby saying special interests purporting to represent gun owners but really advancing the interests of an ideological fringe have used big money and influence to cow congress into submission, rather
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than working to find the balance between our rights and the regulation of a dangerous product. she goes on to say these groups have cast simple protections for our communities as existential threats to individual liberties. also speaking to abc news, a couple of comments we saw on "good morning america" this morning, let's listen to one of them here. >> okay. >> i have a gun. gabby and i are both gun owners. we are strong supporters of the second amendment, but we've got to do something to keep the guns from getting into the wrong hands. >> when it can happen to children in a classroom, it's time to say -- >> enough. >> so there's the timing, there's their personal experience, all of that coming to bear now as they take this fight to congress. >> the other thing that i've noticed is that even in light of what happened in newtown, you know, the conversation about gun control is kind of fading and i know it's renewed with gabrielle giffords coming out and saying all of these strong statements,
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but people aren't talking about it as much as they did. >> well, obviously they're trying to change the conversation and they're trying to change the conversation in a way they think would be toward what they consider practical solutions toward this, and one thing they're doing here, it's very ambitious, they're talking about trying to match the political clout and the money that the gun lobby now has and the influence they have over congress. no small task here at all. so they're starting, we'll see where this goes from here, you saw the website, the first thing they have on there, how to contribute. >> david mattingly, thanks so much. in the days after the newtown killings the nra went on the offense, called for putting armed guards in american schools, and even offered its own network of firearms training programs to get the program under way immediately, and if you question the reach of the nra, consider this. did you know the gun rights group has even been able to influence obama care. yep. the signature achievement of a president long tied to gun control bears the fingerprints
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of this ultrapowerful gun lobbying group. our chief medical correspondent dr. sanjay gupta has been looking into this and i must say, this really surprised me. >> they take credit for this, absolutely. the lobbying, the money certainly since sort of 2010 pushing to have some specific provisions put into the affordable care act, it was senator harry reid who ultimately put in. it's not a long provision, just five lines. it doesn't specifically say doctors can't ask patients about guns, but it really prevents any kind of data collection, any research, any making gun questioning part of wellness programs, like you might ask about smoke detectors, swimming pools, other things in the home, so it's a significant provision. the nra will say and we've talked to them, if people doctors know they have guns, could it affect their insurance premiums in the long run even though there's been no history of that actually being shown, obviously the people arguing in favor of being able to ask the questions, we need to collect this data to be able to allow
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guns to be safer. >> so just so i'm clear on this, if a parent comes in, and the kid's been shot, the doctor can't ask the parent if there are guns in the home? >> well, in many states you can ask about the guns, you can't collect the information, write it down specifically so it's not part of the permanent chart the way the provisions are written and in some states to your point they're trying to take it further. in florida right now there's a fight going on where in fact the governor said it should be forbidden for doctors to have that conversation at all, period, paragraph, a federal judge overturned that decision but right now the governor is appealing that. so they'd like to have it at least the governor would in florida and seven other states that conversation cannot happen legally. >> if a doctor violates what's in obama care as it applies to guns what happens to the doctors? >> that's a good question. what is the penalty? will there be circumvention? it's a larger issue, as a physician, what happens is money
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dries up for this sort of research, if there's really not a focus on this, then even if you collect the data, finding, beginning the analysis of this and getting the research done can be hard. there are several different layers to this. >> and i'm just trying to get to the underlying reason for this. is it that the nra doesn't want there to be any record of anyone owning a gun anywhere? >> well, yeah, you know, what they'll say and we asked them about this, they say they don't want gun owners to be discriminated against. again there's no history of insurance companies raising premiums and if you look at the language in the affordable care act you can't charge a higher premium to someone because they own a gun. it's a moot point. some say they just want to get rid of that conversation between health care officials, health care professionals and gun owners. i go to the doctor, they ask me if i have a swimming pool in my background, smoke detectors,
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carbon monday ca carbon monoxide detectors, guns. >> if you haven't ask any questions of gun owners, you can't compile any statistics or studies that would prove one way or the other. >> that may be it and we talked to the gun control safety people at the cdc and they say we cannot give satisfactory answers because there hasn't been the funding for the research and data and according to the affordable care act the way it stands now that's going to continue not getting that data. >> interesting, sanjay gupta thanks so much. >> you got it, car roll. nearly four months after the attack in benghazi, the one that killed the ambassador to libya and three other americans the only person questioned in the case is free. lunlg released a judge released a tunisian man. a tanker must be repaired
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after running into the san francisco oakland bay bridge. the 752-foot long ship collided with one of the towers on monday. the ship then parked near alcatraz island to be checked out. it was not carrying any oil as cargo. no one was hurt. no reports of fuel leagues. a new wedding party and couple was in this balloon when it made a hard landing after the couple took their vows in the air. part of the balloon covered a house. 14 people were on board. one person was taken to the hospital with a minor injury. the battle between two story ed college football teams turned into a blowout. the tide rolled 42-14 for their third bcs title in four years. carlos diaz from hln sports covered the games. i guess california can use the
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word "dynasty" safely now. >> reporter: yep, i think they can, yep, we just confirmed alabama scored again so they just keep scoring and they can't stop. but yes, they had use that word "dynasty" in the biggest way after the 42-14 drubbing of notre dame, third title in the last four years, they've won back-to-back national championship games. head coach nick sabin doesn't want to talk about the word "dynasty." we presented the question to quarterback a.j. mccarron, how about your "dynasty." >> it's pretty crazy to just think about, i've been here four years, got three national championships, two back-to-back, it's pretty special, definitely is special at the end of the day when i think about it. it's been an unbelievable ride so far and hopefully we can come back next year and get another one. >> reporter: he is the golden boy this morning, carol. >> he certainly is. although it seemed the hardest hit mccarron took was from one
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of his own teammates. >> reporter: yes, you know you're having an easy game when the toughest hit you have all night is from your own center. this took place later in the game last night when a.j. mccarron was frustrated with his center, barrett jones and he basically was jawing him out and had to call a time-out during the game and if you see the footage you'll see barrett jones gives him a shove and basically saying hey, you might be the quarterback, but i'm a senior and you can see kind of the shove that happens right there, and he's basically saying listen, roommate, you're a junior, i'm a senior, i don't take that stuff from you so that's the toughest hit a.j. mccarron had to take last night, from his own guy. >> but he has a beautiful girlfriend, that was the real reason that guy pushed him. >> reporter: i didn't hear that, does he have a really beautiful girlfriend? i haven't been on her page all morning long. catherine webb is the girlfriend of a.j. mccarron and she was
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shown last night on espn about a thousand times, in fact, her twitter followers went from 2,300 to over 100,000. she got 90,000 twitter followers in the course of the game. she now has more twitter followers than a.j. mccarron himself but it was brent musburger's comments about her that got people on twitter saying hmm. some sports writers, one sports writer says brent musburger making college women uncomfortable since 1978. another sports writer wrote sources say a.j. mccarron's girlfriend is going to seek a restraining order against brent musburger at halftime. some people were creeped out the 73-year-old brent musburger was descriptive of his feelings toward the 23-year-old beauty pageant winner. >> i don't think he was bad he pointed out how attractive she is but he kept saying wow, wow,
6:15 am
those quarterbacks they get some beautiful gals. >> reporter: i thought for a second the words hubba-hubba would come out of his mouth. he stopped just short of that and regained his composure. i cannot confirm or deny i'm one of the new 90,000 followers she has on twitter. i cannot confirm or deny that at this point. >> you are incorigable, carlos diaz. sometimes when we need it the most a coin can be our best friend ever. now as the united states reaches its debt ceiling limit, could one coin, one single coin help us avoid another big congressional fight? if there was a pill
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17 minutes past the hour. police ending a ground search for a missing florida skydiver. last seen on a thursday during a jump, kurt ruppert disappeared after leaping from a helicopter over the cascade mountains in washington state. search crews had been looking on the ground all weekend. they will continue a search from helicopters. he was wearing a wing suit which lets you flied through the air before deploying a parachute. crews are resuming their search for two teenagers who may have fallen through a frozen lake. the teenagers disappeared last night in mt. olive township, about 40 miles west of newark. witness heard calls for help on the ice and alerted authorities. police stayed at the lake overnight to keep people away. five people hurt when the escalator they were riding on started going in the wrong
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direction. the escalating was heading up when it startly started going down. most of the injuries for back problems. netflix and time warner reached a new deal. time warner is the parent company of cnn. i am sure you've heard about this by now. could avoiding the debt ceiling be as easy as minting a coin? there is a debate going on right now, i don't know how serious it is but there is a debate going on on whether the united states can create a coin worth $1 trillion, a $1 trillion coin. alison kosik is at the new york stock exchange. i love this story even though it's not real but just fun. >> i hate to burst your bubble, not likely to happen but it is
6:20 am
legal. let's play the what if game, has a little more room to run. we know the treasury department with mint and issue platinum bouillon coins. deposit it at the fed and the treasury could pay off its debts and we wouldn't have to deal with watching the catfight on capitol hill with dealing with the debt ceiling. paul krugman, the "new york times" columnist says it's a game mick but says in an op-ed that ran yesterday in the "new york times" says the trillion-dollar coin should be printed. we should sit down like serious people and deal with probably seriously. that may sound reasonable but if you've been living in a cave for the past four years, think twice about that. he specifically blames house republicans but both sides are gearing up for a fight on the debt ceiling. president obama said last week he won't negotiate and some republicans won't raise the debt ceiling without getting their spending cuts. the coin may be a big fat joke
6:21 am
but it's not about the coin when you think of this, it's reflectiveysfunctional it is on capitol hill, they're creating a magic coin to solve the u.s. debt crisis? come on. >> i'd like to have my own personal trillion-dollar coin to pay off all my debts no matter what anyone else says. >> print your face on it, right? >> no, i want your face on it. >> okay, deal. >> thank you, alison. her life was cut short more than a year ago, now the uk has opened a second probe into the death of amy winehouse. we'll head to london for a life report. hi. i'm henry winkler.
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rest in peace does not steam apply to amy winehouse. even in death she stirs controversy just as she did in life, despite her predigious conte content. ♪ winehouse the grammy award winning singer and songwriter died at the age of 27. we thought she died of alcohol poisoning but there was a catch, always a catch with amy winehouse, joining me now is zain verjee in london. talk about what the british authorities are doing and why they reopened the investigation into winehouse's death? >> basically there was a messup but they didn't know it at the time that the deputy coroner, carol, who carried out the investigation and the inquest and concluded the cause of death was basically lacking the experience that they legally needed to have.
6:25 am
they were not registered as a lawyer for five years, which is the root of this country, they have to do that in order to be carrying out the kind of role that she was, and then also her husband hired her, so that became a major issue and he had to resign. she was the deputy coroner, he was a senior coroner in the north london area so they did the whole thing again and the results were the same as before, she drank too much, five times the legal drink/drive limit so basically just to be specific she had 416 milligrams of alcohol per 100 mill liters of blood in her system and the legal amount is 80 milligrams so that's essentially what happened, the result was the same but it just opens up the tragedy to all of this, that she voluntarily consumed alcohol, drank too much, and we also got a little more detail on things like too empty vodka bottles were found by her bedside and she talked to her doctor the night before and said i really
6:26 am
don't want to die and make sure that i don't. >> that's just so sad. it's so sad. hopefully amy winehouse can finally rest in peace. zain verjee, thanks so much. now is your chance to talk back on one of the big stories of the day. the question, why are we hooked on violence on screen? we've always been intrigued by serial killers, ted bundy, jeffrey dahmer, charles manson. when you get right down to it, intrigued isn't the right word. we're fascinated by them. television certainly reflects that now, fox and nbc are about to launch two new series depicting hannibal and the following, about a cult of serial killers. >> i first came up with the back story this show several years ago when i was doing all this research on serial killers and of course the gainesville murders and i found it insidious how he murdered all those women.
6:27 am
oh he was just a vague rant in the woods? wouldn't it be better if he was this sort of charismatic professor and had some sort of great literary purpose? >> fascinating serial killers join a well-loved tv veteran, dexter, whose emotions bubble over as he opens up to his therapist about his pension to murder. >> i'm a serial killer. oh, god. oh, that feels so amazing to say it out loud. >> yeah, kind of like that stereo typical cathartic response, hey, i really hate my parents. the goal seems to be to make these killers kind of like you, so likeable you'll want to watch them. to do that, producers make evil appealing, they make killing a sport. you certainly see that in every arnold schwarzenegger movie to hit the big screen but when you
6:28 am
suggest this depiction of violence may have something to do with newtown or aurora, hollywood sounds an awful lot like nra it's not our fault, the lax gun laws, the gun lobby, mental illness, everything except violence on screen. >> you have to look at everything, every aspect of it has to be looked, rather than just one thing, we have to look at the overall picture that we're dealing with as a society in the right way, there's always something we can do to improve the situation and reduce the risk of those incidents that are horrific. >> maybe it's us, our violence-loving culture made "the walking dead" the number one entertainment show on tv, number one at the box office "the texas chainsaw massacre." why are we hooked on on-screen violence? facebo facebook.c or tweet me @carolcnn. i'll be right back. [ male announcer ] this is joe woods' first day of work.
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to his last, which isn't rocket science. it's just common sense. from td ameritrade. good morning, i'm carol costello. thanks so much for joining us. 30 minutes past the hour now, happening now in the newsroom, u.s. stocks poised flat as investors digest the latest round of earnings. ringening the bell at the new york stock exchange the preservation research of new orleans which helped to restore homes after hurricane katrina and helping those affected by superstorm sandy.
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today in colorado a second day of painful hearings getting under way for james holmes, the man accused of killing dozens of people inside an aurora movie theater. in the first day of interesting testimony it appeared the killer, the alleged killer planned the attack down to the very last detail. police say holmes purchased the ticket for the showing nearly two weeks ahead of time. investigators say he entered the theater with a semiautomatic shotgun, a semiautomatic handgun with a laser sight and assault rifle with 100-round magazine drum. after the killing spree police found a startling amount of unused ammo, 200 rounds of assault rifle ammunition and 15 rounds of .4 caliber bullets. casey wian is in centennial, colorado for today's hearing. who is up to take the stand today, casy are casy? >> reporter: we'll hear a detective who will continue his testimony from yesterday about all of the wounded victims who
6:33 am
detectives interviewed after the shooting. you'll remember, carol, when we spoke yesterday morning in advance of day one of this preliminary hearing, we talked about how prosecutors warned that there would be very, very graphic testimony, warning victims, family members who were going to be in the courtroom that they would have to endure that. they wasted no time getting to that graphic testimony. we heard from a police officer who talked about taking wounded victims out of that theater and driving them to the hospital in his police cruiser, some wounded so badly he couldn't tell their race or their gender. he also talked about his patrol car and hearing the sound of blood sloshing in the back of that car after taking so many bleeding victims to the hospital. another police officer testified actually the first witness on the stand yesterday morning, talked about his initial encounter with holmes. he was the officer who first found him in the back of that theater, next to a vehicle, and here's what that officer said. "he was very relaxed.
6:34 am
there were not normal emotional responses to anything. he seemed very detached from it all." of course what this is expected to result in at trial, if there is a trial in this case, is that the prosecution is going to use this type of testimony to make the argument there was some sort of diminished mental capacity on the part of james holmes. one of the victim's fathers, tom teves, the father of alex teves killed in the colorado shooting spoke with reporters after court yesterday. he believes holmes is putting on an act in court. here's what he had to say. >> i never stopped watching him in the courtroom. as soon as he saw different things happening he smiled a couple times, and very quickly, because he caught himself, because he's really pretending to be crazy. that guy is evil but there's no way that guy's crazy. >> reporter: and as you mentioned a little while ago, carol, there's also evidence
6:35 am
brought by the prosecution showing some evidence of premeditation, the fact that he purchased his ticket 12 days in advance, the fact that he used his cell phone to enter the theater with that ticket on the cell phone, and they showed surveillance video of all of those people running out of the theater after the shooting. carol? >> casey wian reporting live from colorado this morning. the fight for equality, true equality in the military will only come when women are allowed to fight on the front lines. that's how many women feel. some so strongly they filed a lawsuit for the right to fight alongside their male counterparts. major mary jennings hager one of the plaintiffs had this to say "servicewomen in all branches of the military are already fighting for their country alongside their male counterparts. we shoot, return fire, drag wounded comrades to safety, they engage the enemy and they have doing these heroic deeds since the revolutionary war."
6:36 am
they say it's unconstitutional and prevents commanders from assigning the right troops for the right jobs but a group called center for military readiness is opposed to women fighting on the ground alongside men. elaine donnelly is the president and founder of that group and also served in a defense advisory committee on women in the services in 1984 and 1992. good morning. >> good morning. nice to talk with you. >> thank you for being here. you think allowing women to fight is a bad idea. tell me why. >> first of all we're not talking about allowing. we're talking about requiring, because combat is the kind of mission that involves attacking the enemy, deliberate offensive action against enemy troops under fire. it's the kind of a position that military women in the majority don't want to have. they don't want to be treated exactly like men. it's a good time to have a calm discussion about this, because after 11 years of war, we've seen women do remarkable things, but we've also seen the
6:37 am
differences between direct combat, the units all male, the tip of the spear units that attack the enemy and being in danger, in harm's way. yes, women are in harm's way, and we are very proud of them, but if we put women into direct ground combat, infancy battalions it would be harmful to women and men and it would complicate missions greatly. >> i'm curious, are men required to fight? >> oh, yes, once you join the army, if you are, you must carry out orders to go wherever you are ordered to go, so there is no such thing as a voluntary option. you couldn't say that women will have a different rule. maybe you can do it if you feel like it, maybe not if you don't. no, it wouldn't work that way, it would have to be mandatory. the presidential commission -- >> i'm struggling to understand -- >> the presidential commission on which i serve -- >> when you went into the military you follow orders. there's not much voluntary about the mail tear. >> that's exactly right.
6:38 am
there is the complication if the exemptions of women from direct ground combat were repealed the issue of selective service registration would be revisited. the aclu would go to court on behalf of man and then we'd have young civilian women also being involved and liable to the obligation to be in the military direct ground combat same as member. the problem with that and there are so many reasons, women north physically the same as men. in the direct ground combat environment, women don't have an equal opportunity to survive or to help fellow soldiers survive. we have 30 years of studies on this and reports. it's not even in question. that's only the physical issue. >> i'd like to argue that point physically ready. i don't think these women who file a lawsuit would agree with you at all especially since one of them said "we're already fighting alongside our male counterparts." they returned fire, they dragged wounded comrades to safety, they
6:39 am
engage the enemies. she says women are already doing this. they're physically capable of doing that. there's proof of that. this woman in particular won a purple heart for her bravery. >> again, definitions are important, as i said, yes, women are in harm's way, they are defending themselves, they are engaging the enemy, but they are not in the units we're talking about today, carol, direct ground combat, infancy battalions, the tip of the spear, special operations forces, marine and army infantry, that's what we're talking about. so although we respect and honor women who have served and so many have already died in these last ten years of war, it's still not making the case that women should be in the direct ground combat infantry battalions. >> if women aren't -- let me ask this question, let me ask this question. if women don't have equality in
6:40 am
the military, how can they have equality when it comes to rank, when it comes to power within the military? when it comes to advancing their careers? >> good question. good question. women are promoted at rates equal to or faster than men, and it's been that way for decades. >> oh, come on. >> so there is no equal -- >> come on, how many women four-star generals do you know or how many women have been joint chief? >> ask the pentagon. the reason you don't have women in three and four-star ranks because they have career plans that don't usually require or would involve 30 years of service. it makes it pretty hard to have a family life and that's why a lot of women who might be qualified to be a three and four-star general or admiral choose not to go on that career path. now, you don't want to go with a trickle-up kind of thing where you force -- >> couldn't you say the same thing about men, because they have children, too, and responsibilities to their families? >> yes, they do, but again, i'm looking at the empirical
6:41 am
evidence. women make different career choices so they are promoted at rates equal to or faster than men. this goes back decades. it's not changed. >> but the women entering the military are not making different career choices. they're entering the military. >> if you want to have a first female chairman of the joint chiefs, that is not a good enough reason, but if say general odierno wanted to give up his seat to a female general for the sake of diversity, he could do that right now. but why should enlisted women who are five times as numerous, excuse me, as female officers, why should they have to be treated like men, have all the burdens of direct ground combat put on their shoulders? that would not be fair to the women, it would not be fair to the men. the women don't want it. this is all being driven by a small minority of civilians and the aclu, which has filed this
6:42 am
lawsuit. it's misguided >> thank you, elaine donnelly. >> it is a big subject. >> it is. >> it needs to be objectively discussed. >> thank you, elaine, do donnel for joining thus morning. >> thank you. we'll be right back. ♪ where are we now en it can be? push-ups or sprints? what's wrong with fetch? or chase? let's do this larry! ooh, i got it, i got it! (narrator) the calorie-smart nutrition in beneful healthy weight... includes grains and real chicken, because a healthy dog is a playful dog. beneful healthy weight. find us on facebook to help put more play in your day.
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it is hard to believe david bowie has been turning out hits for four decades, 40 years. i know you remember "let's dance," 30 years ago that song came out. let me refresh your memory because it's a good song. ♪ let's dance to the song they're playing on the radio ♪ ♪ let's sway while color lights up your face ♪ >> well, bowie is back, today he is 66 years old and celebrating his birthday reloosing a video of his brand new single called "where are we now?" check it out. ♪ ♪ had to get the train from
6:46 am
pottzam at flats ♪ >> it's the birthday boy's first song and i know i'm going to buy it. good morning, a.j. >> slightly different feeling from "let's dance." this song is cool t takes a look back at his time in berlin in the 19 0s. if you're into bowie it was pivotal time in his career, about 19 6, 1977. some of the footage includes shots of an auto repair shop bowie used to live above and other stark images of what the city was like at that time. he wrote the song for his new album called "the next day." just the fact that he's releasing new material is newsworthy because quite frankly a lot of people thought the guy retired. i turned down offers to play at opening ceremonies of the london olympics last summer. as far as we've been able to
6:47 am
determine he hasn't performed or been seen publicly on stage since '06 and he did have heart surgery while he was on tour in '04 so it's not surprising we haven't heard news of a tour attached to the new album yet. carol, we certainly can hope and i have to say, what a lovely birthday gift on his birthday from bowie to us. >> you're not kidding. i can't wait to hear the rest of the album. i was watching a documentary about ziggie stardust and they went back stage and relived the day. of course i was very, very young at the time, but what an amazing artist and thanks for sharing. i really appreciate it. >> yes. >> thanks, a.j. >> absolutely, carol. a chicago man wins a million bucks in the illinois lottery and just one day after lotto officials write him a check for his prize money he dies. investigators now say he was poisoned.
6:48 am
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6:50 am
and slimful tastso good... i don't even miss dessert. slimful and a glass of water... eating less is a beautiful thing. police in chicago are the dn
6:51 am
who died after winning $1 million in the lottery. it appeared his death was due to natural causes, but after a closer look, it turned out he had been poisoned. our affiliate wgn has more. >> reporter: he was a regular lottery player. employees are having trouble accepting what they're hearing. >> that is sad. that's sad. very seared. but i guess it's true when they say the money is the root of all evil. >> reporter: in june he purchased two, the second one he scratched off wand a winner. at the he planned to make bills and to grow his dry cleanling business. about a month later, a police report states the 46-year-old had dinner at his rogers park home, went to bed and then he family heard him screaming. he was taken to the hospital where he was pronounced dead.
6:52 am
the medical examiner tells the tribune no signs of trauma, no drugs in his blood. the pathologist determined he died at natural causes. the m.e.'s office did toxicology tests which found he died of a lethal amount of cyanide. he came from india in the 1980s, he owned three dry-cleaning offices. >> he was very nice. i mean, i would never think that anybody especially around him would hurt him. news person, very helpful. in a short time, he would come in and manage to have three businesses. that tells us what kind of person he was for his family. >> authorities are not considering exhuming hess body to see if there's any conclude yous to help the investigation.
6:53 am
why are we so hooked on violence on screen? facebook or tweet me. i'll be right back.
6:54 am
6:55 am
our "talk back" question of the day -- why are we hooked on violence on screen? this one is from royce. this is from matthew.
6:56 am
and then when some kid mimics then, the same actors suggests we all turn in our guns? and from faith, people who don't do these things are interested in learning about the psyche of these people. who are they? what went wrong? how can this be? if there was a pill to help protect your eye health as you age... would you take it?
6:57 am
well, there is. [ male announcer ] it's called ocuvite. a vitamin totally dedicated to your eyes, from the eye care experts at bausch + lomb. as you age, eyes can lose vital nutrients. ocuvite helps replenish key eye nutrients. ocuvite has a unique formula not found in your multivitamin to help protect your eye health. now that's a pill worth taking. [ male announcer ] ocuvite. help protect your eye health.
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6:59 am
sdpli sadly there was little suspension in the bcs game, except for how big the margin would be. alabama piled a 529 total yards, half of them on the ground. eddie lacey scored two touchdowns. the junior running back could be the nfl first rounder if he declares for the draft. are you listening, detroit lions? this is the seventh straight championship for an s.e.c. team. david mattingly is sitting right here, alabama alum. you're a happy boy, aren't you? >> oh, yeah. roll tide. we'll have a live report in the next hour. the results of rg3's mri were inconclusive, so the redskins quarterback will be examined by dr. james andrews.
7:00 am
he's the orthopedist for sports stars. he reinjured a knee during the playoff loss to seattle. watch this ballots in the middle of your screen. carmelo anthony and boston's kevin garnett go at it. during the fourth quarter of last night's game. the two were still jawing at each other as they headed down the court. melo's poor shooting night may gotten to him. he may face a suspension from the league. the next hour of "cnn newsroom" right now. gabby giffords, the nation marveled at her recovery from a gunman's killing spree. today he launches a new fight. will americans embrace her initiative for stricter gun laws. you've probably heard of the weight-loss drugs herb alive.
7:01 am
now there are any claims of the pyramid scream and they should be shut down. plus the newly sworn in 113th congress has a record number of women lawmakers, but some people say that's not enough. our guests say the men in congress just pound their chests, and she wants to put the gavel in a woman's hands. what's missing from this gym? a whole lot of mirrors. we'll tell you about a workout place for people at least 50 pounds overweight. "newsroom" starts right now. good morning. thank you so much for being with me. we begin with gun control. former congresswoman gabby giffords's launching an online campaign to raise funds and public support. she's unveiling the effort two
7:02 am
years to the day since a gunman shot here, along with 18 other people, a second initiative founded by michael bloom better, it targets illegal guns and features a mother of the youngest victim in the tucson killing spree. >> my 9-year-old daughter was murdered in the attituden shooting. i have one question for our political leaders. when will the find of courage to stand up to the gun lobby. whose child has to die next? >> first the strong words today from gabby giffords and her husband mark kelly. david mattingly is here with a closer look. if you think about it, if gabby giffords came knocking on my door, i would have to let her her in. >> the timing of the tragedy and their personal experience all coming together, and they're trying to leverage that to have some influence over congress. they're being very critical not just of congress, but of the gun lobby as well.
7:03 am
they launched a web side, they say this organization will encourage elected officials to stand up for solutions to prevent gun violence and they'll take the message directly to the constituents of those congressmen. very critical of congress. they said today that congress has done something extraordinary -- not at all. they hope to start a conversation to somehow change that. being very critical of the gun lobby, and this was from an op-ed. we saw from the leadership defiant and unsympathetic response that winning even the most common-sense reforming will require a fight. no comment yet today from the nra, but if you go to the website they have said up, americans for responsible solutions, the first thing you see is a big window to click on it to donate. so they are going to try to match the gun lobby for its influence and spending, no small task at all. >> money talks in washington.
7:04 am
you know, i guess the biggest thing for me is this tragedy happens, we get all upset, saying we're going to do something and then it fades away and we don't talk about it. for example, senator dianne feinstein's legislation for gun control, she isn't going to file it until after the senate requeens in january. nothing is happening right now concrete. how do you keep the conversation going in a passionate way? >> they're bypassing congress completely. they're going after the people who put these congress men and women in office. it sounds grassroots. we'll see how they'll head off. they're just starting now. they had comments this morning to abc news, also very strong. they are committed to this, very passionate about it. let's listen to one of those comments. >> okay. >> gabby and i are both gun owners. we are strong supporters of the second amendment, but we have to do something to keep the guns from getting into the wrong
7:05 am
hands. >> when it can happen to children in a classroom, it's time to say -- >> enough. >> enough. >> one word says so much coming from her with so much personal experience, so much personal pain, it's interesting to see where they can go from here. >> david mattingly, thanks so much. now let's look at these new gun control efforts from two different perspectives. pam simon is a close friend of gabby giffords, also shot and wounded at that rally. and john fineplaid is the chief adviser to new york mayor michael bloomberg on policy and strategic planning. he joins us to talk about the mayor's campaign against illegal drugs. welcome to you both. >> thank you. >> thank you. >> thank you for being here. pam, first tell me about gabby giffords. she's taking on this initiative, you know, she's in favor of gun rights, so she's not extreme in any way. do you think that she will be
7:06 am
able to get something done? is she the right person to help lead this cause? >> i can't think of anyone better to lead this cause. she's experienced gun violence, as i have, firsthand, and we know that the pain and the suffering is not only for the person that was shot, but their family, their community. gabby is absolutely the right voice to have in this discussion. >> after what happened to you in tucson, did you think that some kind of gun legislation would at least be introduced in congress? >> well, i certain hoped at least there would be a conversation. as we saw from the last presidential campaign, the world gun could not even be uttered. it seems that our elected officials are afraid to even bring up the discussion. that's changed in the last few weeks, especially after the horrific shooting in newtown,
7:07 am
but will it face away? i am hoping that thj momentum, especially with gabby and mark's effort will carry the conversation farther. we're a nation of problem solvers. there is absolutely no reason why we cannot come up with a solution to this problem of gun violence. . you know, passion does fade away, sadly, but it seems that gabby giffords and mark kelly are taking a new tack. they're going to raise money and fight this thing at a grassroots level. is that the new way to fight for everyone who wants to put stricter gun laws into place? >> i think you have to fight in washington and in communities taye cross the country. roxanna green probably said it beth. how many more children need to be killed before washington
7:08 am
takes action? what more do you need to say? >> she last her 9-year-old daughter, christina taylor in tucson, and clearly has much in common with the families in newtown where 20 kids were killed, but it's time. that's what i think we're hearing all across america, enough, it's time. it's time to make sure that guns don't get into the wrong hands, that criminals don't get guns, drug addicts and minors -- >> but john, do you know what's happening right now? this is what's happening. people are flocking to the gun shows, flocking to gun stores, bying up guns like mad, because those not in favor of any kind of gun control laws are saying that people like you want to take all guns away, want to outlaw all firearms. >> i think what's significant about mayors against illegal guns with 800 men and over
7:09 am
900,000 grass-roots supporters, is that these are not irreconcilable. you can respect second amendment rights at the same time make sure people who are already prohibited by federal law don't get their hands on guns. the smartest thing to do would be to make sure that all gun sales are subject to a background check system. that's not what we have today. can you imagine at hartsfield-jackson airport in atlanta you had two security lines, one where nobody was checked and another where people were checked. where do you people who wanted to ache a gun onto an airplane would go in which like? that's the system we have. we have a background check system that looks like swiss cheese. we could take a simple step, and it would make a difference. today 40% to 50% of guns don't get a background check system. it's actually the law. we just need to close the lo
7:10 am
loopholes and enforce it. >> pam, if nothing happens if nothing is done, does your side just forget it and move on? >> absolutely not. >> survivors in tucson have joined with mayors against another -- bev demand a plan. i encountry your viewers to go to and sign on. we have over 900,000 grass-roots supporters. everywhere i go, people come up and say what can i do? how can i help? how can i get this conversation going? i believe there is a loud minority and those of us that really care need to speak out, and going to demand a plan and signing up is one way, and all of you saw roxanna's beautiful
7:11 am
statement. i am so admeyer of people like john and roxanne agreeing, stepping up on this issue. we don't want people to go through what they have gone through, and what so many families have gone through. so, no, i don't believe this will go away. i do believe there is a large and growing body of people that care about this issue. >> pam simon, john fineblatt, thank you for joining us. >> thain you. today in colorado, a second dale of hears is about to get under way with james holmes. yesterday, in the first day of testimony, it appeared the killer planned the attack down to the last details. police say holmes purchased the ticket for the move nearly two weeks ahead of time. investigators say he enter the theater with a semiautomatic
7:12 am
handgun, an an assault rifle with a 100-round magazine drum. after the spree, police found 200 rounds of assault rifle ammunition and 15 rounds of 40 caliber bullets. you've probably heard about the weight-loss drug herbalife. alison kosik is in new york. who is going after. >> bill ackman runs a hedge fund, he has a big beef. he says it's a pyramid scheme, a fraudulent company. he laid out his case in a big presentation last month. herbalife, the basic idea is salespeople sell the products, they recruit new members and get a portion of those sales, but ackman spoke to cnn money and
7:13 am
says it's about more than selling the products. listen. >> what think really sell and what their distributors make money from is by what they call a business opportunity. the business opportunity is to sell the business opportunity to your friends who sell the opportunity to their friends. keep in mind ackman's hedge fun is invested in herbalife. he shorted the stock, meaning he's betting $1 billion it will fall to zero, but ackman does say if the stock falls and he makes a billion, he'll go ahead and donate that money to charity, but herb alialife i. and we have more of the
7:14 am
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7:16 am
alabama has become the first team to win three bcs titles in four years. they did it in dominating fashion. whipping notre dame. a.j. mccarron let the way with four touchdowns, but as big as
7:17 am
mccarron's performance was, there was a bigger buzz surrounding his girlfriend. hln sports carlos diaz is outside sunlife stadium. this is just weird. [ laughter ] >> reporter: imagine that, by the way, an attractive girl making headlines near south beach. interesting. yeah, the funny thing is people are talking about the "d" word down here, dynasty. dynasty. not a word you want to use around nick saban, that makes his face go like this. we talked a a.j. mccarron about whether alabama can be considered a true dynasty. >>ly we're talking about the girlfriend first? >> yeah, get to the good stuff. kathryn webb, of course, she is the face that launched 90,000 twitter followers last night.
7:18 am
katherine webb, she was shown on espn, and listen to what brent muss burger said when he saw her for the first time. >> wow, i'm telling you, you quarterbacks, you good all the good-looking women. wow. a.j. is doing things right. >> if you're a youngster in alabama, start throwing the football around with pops. >> the 73-year-old brent muss burger acting like a 33-year-old talking about a 23 years old. some people had interesting tweets about how brent sounded, some sportswriter said, making college women feel uncomfortable since 1978. then jeff possen joined in saying sources mccarron's girlfriend to seek restraining order from mussburger.
7:19 am
obviously having some fun, but last night she went to over 100,000 twitter followers. she now has more than a.j. mccarron himself. unbelievable stuff. >> i don't even know what to say about that. she was beautiful. she was hot, carlos. thanks. >> reporter: i can confirm that she is hot. [ laughter ] >> thank you. by, carlos. checking or top stories, an alabama teenager out on bail 17-year-old was arrested after a teacher found a notebook detailing several attacks. shroud a self-described white supremacist reportedly began making the plans after the sandy hook tragedy. his attorneys told several media outlets -- the helicopter search for a missing sky diver in the cascade mountains of washington
7:20 am
state will continue, but officials say they aren't have i optimistic they'll find anyone alive in this freezing weather. no one saw a parachute open when 29-year-old kurt rupper jumped out. he was wearing a wing suit that allows sky divers to glide through the air. sharing information on a timely issue, the journal news defended publishing the names and addresses of gun permit holders in two new york counties. it was a moved that sparked outrage, even prompted one angry plowinger to post the addresses of the newspaper's staffs. assembly men david ribel joins me. thanks for being here. you're sponsoring from being public blished in your state. what are your concerns?
7:21 am
>> my main concern is getting the information out, the actual names, addresses, types of weapons. i don't want to see us prevent ago blueprint for criminals. everyone is talking about getting guns off the street. i think you're actually putting more guns on the street potential. >> you're saying burglars will search the paper, find the names and then go burglarize the home and steal the guns 1234. >> well, that's one concern. i think the main concern i have, really in four parts, is law enforcement. law enforcement officers are law-abiding citizens who have to apply for gun permits just like anybody else. their names and addresses would be published. you're talking about secret service, law enforcement, those who gets weapons to protect themselves, then they have their addresses for their abusers to come and find them.
7:22 am
innocent gun owners saying they don't want to be put on a map for not having a gun, then making vulnerable house. so it's very concerning on that side. >> i'm just going to play devil's advocate this morning. we live in a country with freedom of information law, sow do you forsake the first amendment for the second? >> no, i don't think when the second amendment was created, it wasn't created to put a spotlight on law-abiding citizens. it was to set rules, not put a spotlight on them. i don't think we should be distributing information giving access to law enforcement and other folks. just last month in the general assembly of new jersey, we voted to allow lottery winners to remain anonymous if they win the lottery, yet if you're a law-abiding citizens, we can't keep you anonymous? >> we do live in a country where there's lots of personal information available. in i object can go online and
7:23 am
find your address, probably what you make in salary, they can find out where your car is registered and what kind of car you drive, where you work, and from that people can probably determine what hours you work, but no one is -- so why no the? >> let's go back to the saved issue. we noticed it was reported that inmates were starting to tell corrections officers that they know their addresses. in new jersey just recently, a state commission investigation report came out on gang activity in jails in new jersey, that gang members are intimidating the corrections officers. so this information is being published, we're putting these people in jeopardy. >> if i'm a burglar, right? i probably want to know what that person does for a living, and when they're not home. i can easily find out that information right now. >> a polar is one thing, a
7:24 am
criminal looking for retaliation is a completely different thing. i think we have a responsibility to keep law enforcement safe and not divulge their information, as things have changed with the internet. i don't think we need to be giving the criminals the tools. i think we need to be taking the tools away from them. >> david rible, thank for you being with us, we appreciate it. >> thank you. for your -- i'll be right back. plaque psoriasis.erate e i decided enough is enough. ♪ [ spa lady ] i started enbrel. it's clinically proven to provide clearer skin. [ rv guy ] enbrel may not work for everyone -- and may not clear you completely, but for many, it gets skin clearer fast, within 2 months, and keeps it clearer through 6 months. [ male announcer ] enbrel may lower your ability to fight infections. serious, sometimes fatal events, including infections,
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tuberculosis, lymphoma, other cancers, nervous system and blood disorders, and allergic reactions have occurred. before starting enbrel, your doctor should test you for tuberculosis and discuss whether you've been to a region where certain fungal infections are common. you should not start enbrel if you have an infection like the flu. tell your doctor if you're prone to infections, have cuts or sores, have had hepatitis b, have been treated for heart failure, or if you have symptoms such as persistent fever, bruising, bleeding, or paleness. if you've had enough, ask your dermatologist about enbrel.
7:26 am
. now is your chance to talk about on one of the big stories of the day.
7:27 am
the question this morning -- why are we hooked on violence on screen? we've always been intrigued by serial killers, ted bundy, jeffrey dahmer, charles manson. when you getting right down to it, intrigued isn't the right word. we're fascinated by them. television certainly reflects that. two new series are about to be depicted "hannibal" and "the following." about a cult of serial killers. >> i first came up with the back story severaliers when i was doing research on serial killers, and of course the gainesville killers. i thought it was so insidious, and when they found him, he was just a vague rant. i thought wouldn't it be better if he ways a charismatic professor with a great literary purpose? >> they joined dexter, whose emotions bubble over as he opens up to his therapist about his
7:28 am
penchant to murder. >> i'm a serial killer. oh, god! oh, that feels so amazing to say it out loud. >> yeah, kind of like that stereo typical cathartic response -- i really hate my parents, i'm glad i got that out. the goal seems to make these killers kind of like you, so likable you'll want to watch them. to do that producers make evil apeals. when you subject this depiction of violence, it may have smun to do with newtown or -- it sounds like the i.r.a., it's not our
7:29 am
fau fault. >> every aspect has to be looked at it rather than one thing, that we're dealing with it as a society in the right way, or is there something we can do kip of incidences who were horrid arriving. >> maybe it's us, our violence-loving culture, number one now with the box office "texas chain saw massacre" so the talk back question today -- why are we hooked on violence on screen? the new 113th congress has a record number of women, but our next guest says we need more. she says the men in congress just pound their chests and thinks the gavel needs to be in a woman's hands. [ ryon ] eating shrimp at red lobster
7:30 am
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i'm ryon stewart, i'm the ultimate shrimp lover, ( ♪ ) for those nights when it's more than a bad dream, be ready. for the days when you get a sudden call from the school, be ready. for the times you need to double-check the temperature on the thermometer, be ready. when you have children's motrin on hand, you're ready. for high fever, nothing works faster or lasts longer than children's motrin. be ready with children's motrin.
7:32 am
thank you so much for being with us. it is :30 past the hour. time to check our top stories. two years after being shot, congresswoman gabby giffords is entering the debate on gun control. giffords and her husband mark kelly have launched americans for responsible solutions. that's a political action committee and website dedicated to preventing gun violence while protecting responsible gun ownership. a british council said that amy winehouse did die of accident alcohol poisoning. the investigation was conducted
7:33 am
after a previous coroner was suspended for not having the right. winehouse was 27 when she died. the only person held and questioned in the benghazi terror attacks is a free man thorn after being released. what happened? >> well, carol basically a big blow to the investigation, but obviously basically the judge in tunisia after the authorities had been holding this man for several months simply decided there was not enough evidence to keep him detained any longer. this man's name was ali harzi, again had been arrested and held for several months. the fbi actually interrogated him back in late december. but as a witness to the attack on benghazi, not necessarily a prime suspect. when caveat to his release is he does have to remain near the capital of tunisia in case the
7:34 am
court needs to get healed of 4i78. some of the cameras at the consulate did capture of the faces of some people, but very few have you questioned as suspects, primarily because the libyan government is to weak and some of the militia groups that may have been involved are very, very strong in that country. there's been a lot of criticism, you know, that president obama promised during the campaign to bring the killers of ambassador chris stevens to justice. obviously that hasn't happened yet. even though these are very different attacks, when you look back historically, the attack on the "uss cole" took about two years to get an arrest in that case. khalid sheikh mohammed was arrested about a year after the attacks on september 11th. so sometimes those arrests and investigations do take time, but one prime factor is the fact that they are just not getting a whole lot of help from a libyan
7:35 am
government that is doing a lot of fighting with some of these militia's internally. >> chris lawrence reporting live from the pentagon this morning. it looks like television dramas are going dark as more hit shows use violence and gore to grab you. so why do we have to feed our need for violence? we'll talk about that. ♪ [ male announcer ] born from the elements, destined to take them over. ♪ the sirius xm satellite radio in the 2013 ram 1500. engineered to move heaven and earth. guts. glory. ram. the new ram 1500. motor trend's 2013 truck of the year.
7:36 am
7:37 am
7:38 am
tv has come a long way. now shows like "the walking dead" and "dexter" are all the rage. ♪ >> i have to be free to be who i am. >> it is a capital offense to be who you are. >> it's the same amount of plastic wrap, the same positioning. you lied to me. >> if you don't get off my -- -- something bad will happening. >> images dominate some of the biggest television hits right now. what was once considered taboo is becoming widely accepted. thank so much for being here with us. >> absolutely. good morning. >> good morning. i loved your article. i found it fascinating. tell our audience why the
7:39 am
networks or shows' producers feel that tv shows have to go so dark. >> part of the problem is for broadcast networks, they're competing against cable. cable can do a lot more edgy content shows like "dexter" "american horror story" on fx, and they're getting bid audiences. the broadcast networks are suffering from erosion, they have been for years. they're watching this go on on the cable networks and wondering why don't we cater to that audience? that's why we're seeing more of this stylish but really scary show shows are different. some lines are crossed, but i don't know how to put it into words. can you? >> yeah, csi, ncis, criminal minds action those are procedural. they end at the end of each other, the bad guy is always caught. the good guys always win.
7:40 am
a lot of times there's humor even during the dark situations. those are still traditional kind of tv shows. the new shows coming on, they're dark, and sometimes there's not a light at the end of the tunnel, sometimes the bad guys win, sometimes the bad guys are the stars of the show. nbc is doing a new show called "hannibal" so the antiheroes are taking over. is that bad? sometimes the bad guys win. >> do they still show consequences? and, you know, at the end of the day these aren't shows made just to shock people. it's not gore for gore's sake. most of these shows are not gory, but psychological thrillers. >> dismiss images they use is
7:41 am
graphic. ice picks in people's eyes? >> absolutely. it's not for everyone. a lot of these shows are definitely not for everyone. if you talk to the show producers, the execs, they say it's not horror for horror's sake, that they're crafted, some of the biggest auspices are behind them. the new kevin bacon show "the following" is written by kevin williamson, a very well-respected tv writer, who's done shows like "the vampire diaries." will audiences tune in? are they interested in such dark shows? we're being to find out. >> i'm going to ask you the question of the moment, i suppose. >> yes. >> so the people making these television shows, examining the psychology of these dark characters, do they examine the psychology of the audience watching and how that might affect it? >> that's a good question. the short answer is they're
7:42 am
examining whether or not viewers will tune in and watch them, and whether or not there is an audience for the show. at the end of the day these are businesses and they need eyeballs and ratings. if audiences aren't interesting, then these shows will quickly go off the air. >> i lied. one last question. so what's the next line to be crossed? >> um, well, i suppose some culture critics would say we're going down a path of harsher language, more nudity on broadcast tv. there are still standards. they don't police cable. p you watch cable, they've crossed quite a few lines when it comes to language and nudity, and i'm sure there's some broadcast execs out there that wish they could do the same. for now, at least, on the -- over the air, which is still publicly controlled, you can't do a lot of stuff. >> michael schneider, thanks so much. >> absolutely. before and after success
7:43 am
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a reality tv show convinces people to lose weight by publicly shaming them. at times it's uncomfortable to watch. >> 650 pounds. nicole, what's going on? >> i've been faking it for so long, like everything is okay. the green team starts off with combined total of 579 pounds. >> i can't imagine. think of the courage that takes for those people to do that. >> now take a look, it's the more opposite, the gym has the focus of losing weight, but in an entirely different way. the downsize fitness chain send covered with mirrors. here's something else that sets it -- you have to be at least 50 pounds overweight to join.
7:47 am
francis is the founder. good morning, francis. >> good morning, carol. i'd like to get your pin of shows bike "the biggest loser." what do you think? >> i've always been a big fan as far as entertainment, but it's not really realistic. people that come to our gym are trying to lose weight, they have jobs, kids and they don't have six months to take off and go to a cushy camp to try to lose weight. we wanted to create something you can't do on a daily basis. one hour a day five days a week with the support team around. there there are you on display for the nation to see. i would find that nearly
7:48 am
impossible to do. implgts i agree and our members feel the same way. we fog up the windows so people can't see. if you go to a snowstormal gym you have mirrors, you always have windows. so that people can see into the gym we wanted a place where you can feel comfortable. you don't want people looking at you and feeling embarrassed about that. so we created something that allows people to come in without the feel of what it would like lie. >> so no mirrors in the gym, over 50 pounds to lose to join, so the person next to you probably look a lot like you do action though i'm in the gym and i'm next to a fit person, it
7:49 am
kind of motivates me. >> it can motivate, but also be discourages. and i've been there, i started the gym, because i wanted to lose weight myself. i've lost 60 pounds, but wanted to do it in a way i felt comfortable. there's a lot of people that feel like me, and we've gotten a lot of requests around the u.s. to bring our facilities to other cities. >> so we're looking at before and after pictures of some of your gym members. so when a person is no longer 50 pounds over weight and you have to say i'm sorry, you can't be a member any longer, how does that feel? >> no, we do do that. you can stay as long as you want. >> oh, good. >> we want to keep those winners around. one, they encourage, show our
7:50 am
other members what's possible, and two, they need the support to keep it off. one of the biggest challenges, and i've had to challenge myself, once you've lost the weight, is not gaining it back. it's just as hard as losing. >> you're not kidding, especially when you're over the age of 35. francis, thank you for joining us, and congratulations on losing the 60 pounds. >> thank you. i appreciate it. the new 113 congress has a record number of women. our next guest says, hey, we need more. where is flo? anybody know where flo is? are you flo? yes. is this the thing you gave my husband? well, yeah, yes. the "name your price" tool. you tell us the price you want to pay, and we give you a range of options to choose from. careful, though -- that kind of power can go to your head. that explains a lot. yo, buddy! i got this. gimme one, gimme one, gimme one!
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7:53 am
the newly sworn in 113th congress has a record number of women lawmakers. 20 female senators and 82 female representatives, but some say that's certainly not enough. >> these republican men, and john boehner in particular, tend to want to stand around and pound their chests rather than getting things done and solving our nation's problems. i think it's time to get the speaker's gavel out of his hands and back in the hands of women. joining me stephanie sherock, the president of emily's list, the committee that helps elect women -- >> good morning. >> you're celebrating 20 fee
7:54 am
neal senators and 82 represents, but when you step back, it's really not a whole lot. >> well, that is so true. we this i about 20% of the united states senate, but i have to say we are just so excited. this last election has been a man dade for women's leadership across the country. we have elected some great women, elizabeth warren in massachusetts, tammy baldwin in wisconsin, mazi from ohio, ought senators and the first women to be elected to the united states senate from their home states. really incredible numbers. >> do you celebrate republican women congress people, too? >> emily's list, we've been working for 27 years to advance democratic women through this, but we do realize that getting more women involved any way we can is what we need to be doing. we've done some research, polled independent women right after the election. we asked independent women. no democrats, no republicans,
7:55 am
just independent women, you know, when hearing that there's a historic number of democratic women elected, did you think it would make a different? only 8% said no. so there's a call for women with the right priorities to move this country forecast. you really think that testosterone is the problem with getting things done in washington? >> well, there's lots of challenges in moving policy forward here, but we know -- and there's research after research. that when you have an equal number of women and men sitting at the table, whether it's a negotiating table in congress or a corporate boardroom, you end up with better policies. we have found that businesses and corporations have actually profited when they have more women on their corporate boards. we need to do a better job across the country of recruiting
7:56 am
women to run for office, supporting the women and getting their voices there. it's really a different mind-set. i'm not saying they're the right pins or wrong pins. i'm talking about adding voices that really want to find solutions and move the country photographed. >> i've always been curious about something, secretary of state, and seemingly many women are considered for that cap net post. why do you suppose that is, as opposed to secretary of defense or something like that? >> it's an excellent question. we've had a whole series of et of grate women secretaries of state, including hillary clinton, who thankfully is back to work this week. i think it's something about bringing folks to the table to talk things out, but the other piece of this, and i think you'll see this in the years to come, we have a lot more women working their way up the ranks
7:57 am
of the military, and you're going to -- i think you're going to see a woman secretary of defense in the next few decades, because the number of women are increasing in the military as well. but we have seen the secretaries of state. they've done an excellent job. it is about bringing people together to find solutions in very tough situations. >> thank you so much for joining us this morning. >> my pleasure. thank you so much. we'll be right back. [ male announcer ] how do you trade? with scottrader streaming quotes, any way you want. fully customize it for your trading process --
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